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Eli Research, Global Growth’s predecessor, began in 1991 with a folding table and a $5,000 investment from the parents of our founder, Greg Lindberg. As a 21-year-old Yale college student, he read a medical newsletter and thought “I can do better.” He soon published Eli’s Home Care Week, which over time became a significant competitor in the medical media industry.

By 1998, Eli Research had grown to 12 people working out of one room. The company published Home Care Week and Rehab Report and was preparing to launch Home Care Compliance Alert. That same year, cuts to home care funding from the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 hit the company hard, forcing the company to let go of quality team members, worry about meeting payroll, and work with vendors to pay its printing bills. While painful, those challenges helped Eli Research grow up.

In the following years, the company rebuilt its products in the healthcare space and began looking for sustainable, value-based acquisitions that would resist short-term corrections. Building on each success, the company expanded from healthcare media into healthcare accreditation, collectibles pricing and authentication, business software services, healthcare technology, and financial services. 

By 2020, the company had renamed itself Global Growth and built a portfolio of investments that included more than 120 companies and 7,500 employees. Today, Global Growth’s team of world-class investment professionals steward a portfolio of assets valued at more than $5 billion. We pursue a buy-and-hold strategy of investment that prioritizes long-term value creation, conservative cash management, and constant innovation. Our group of world-class and independent CEOs are a testament to these investment ideals.

Our Investment Principles


First Who then What

Our people are the key to our success. We only recruit people who share our core values and beliefs. In all our hiring decisions, we focus on people instead of positions.


Much of our work is highly confidential

We do everything we can to protect our confidential information and respect the privacy of the firm and our investment strategies.


We are motivated by an intense curiosity about fundamental market truths

We make business and investment decisions based on what we think is right, regardless of conventional wisdom.


We seek excellence in everything we do

We are never satisfied with the status quo. Instead, we are a team of problem-solvers, constantly seeking to improve in everything we do.


Our primary asset is our reputation

We conduct all our business with honesty and integrity, and we view our team and individual actions in light of the effect they have on our reputation.


Our vision places large demands on us

Because of that, we try to make sure our jobs are fun, our workspace is inclusive, and our team members are rewarded generously based on individual merit. We work with passion, creativity, and commitment.


We believe in failing early and failing often

We encourage an environment that favors innovation, fosters open debate and contrary opinions, and tolerates honest mistakes.


We strive for self-awareness

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Our task is to continually remind ourselves of our limitations and dedicate ourselves to the avoidance of hubris. If our people are talented and our strategies are sound, hubris is one of the only things that can make us fail.

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