We Create Good

Each Global Growth company must contribute in its humanitarian impact, by creating value and social good. Before we acquire a company, we ask “How does this company add value?” Companies that make the world a better place are more likely to thrive.

Global Growth portfolio companies:

  • Provide healthcare and make it more efficient;
  • Conduct research to increase healthy lifespan;
  • Help doctors communicate with their patients and each other;
  • Ensure freedom of the press;
  • Make personal information secure;
  • Prevent, reduce, or recapture credit losses for our clients, leading to more affordable credit options;
  • Encourage investment in the environment;
  • Share technological advancements; and
  • Boost entrepreneurial and economic opportunities around the world.
Who We Are

We will invest in growth companies that add value globally. We will act always with integrity.

We also look for opportunities for social good. Global Growth companies and their affiliates have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to causes and provided many hundreds of man hours.

  • Collectibles & Gaming Technology, Products and Services: The Global Growth Collectibles & Gaming Technology, Products and Services Group provides professional grading and authentication services for collectibles and memorabilia including modern sports cards, rocks and gems, comic books, coins, and more...Read more

  • Communication Technology and Services: Global Growth’s Technology & Communication companies design, deploy, service and support..Read more

  • Healthcare Services Group: The Global Growth healthcare services group provides education, certification, and revenue cycle management to physicians and health care facilities..Read more

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  • AR Management Group: Global Growth’s Technology & Communication companies design, deploy, service and support large-scale IT & Communication solutions..Read more

  • Healthcare Technology Group: The Global Growth healthcare technology group provides innovative software products to hospitals, clinics and physicians worldwide..Read more

  • Information Services And Technology Group: Global Growth’s Information and Technology Services Group provides data, insights and technology services to businesses...Read more

Mortgage Origination Servicing: The Global Growth mortgage origination and servicing group provides home loans to qualified borrowers, offering conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loans at competitive rates..Read more


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