Mortgage Origination & Servicing

The Global Growth mortgage origination and servicing group provides home loans to qualified borrowers, offering conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loans at competitive rates. We are an approved Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae direct seller and servicer, and also provide loans for cash-out refinancing and home renovations. With operations throughout the U.S., we close thousands of quality loans each year.

Our mission is to empower our borrowers to feel the sense of pride that stems from homeownership and financial stability. Our values of honesty, integrity, transparency, and community are the foundation of
our business, providing a smooth path to homeownership for each and every borrower.

  • Our companies connect customers with local lenders, giving borrowers a personalized, customer-centric experience while contributing to local economies.
  • Our advanced technology, including an easy-to-use online borrower portal, allows us to process mortgages more quickly and efficiently than other lenders.
  • Our businesses tailor home loans to each borrower’s specific needs, helping them to achieve their financial goals while providing a first-class customer experience.
  • Our mortgage origination companies provide borrowers with educational tools to guide them through the loan process and beyond, ensuring a full understanding of their rights and responsibilities.


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