Why We Don’t Hire Great Leaders

Why We Don’t Hire Great Leaders

Global Growth doesn’t promote leaders from within: they promote themselves. We look for people who are brilliant, fearless of failure and driven to succeed. Then we give them a challenge. The best will conquer the challenge we put before them and then challenge themselves to go even further.

Global Growth comprises 7 portfolios. Two of our leaders came on as online marketing managers, another as a financial controller. One came on with a relatively small company that we acquired. They all run highly profitable portfolios, 5 with more than $100 million in revenue.

You might say that we’re exceptional at choosing great leaders, but we aren’t. We are exceptional at creating an environment where great leaders choose themselves. In a complete meritocracy where employees are constantly challenged, the leaders rise to the top.

They don’t rise in a vacuum, however. Global Growth provides 2 things. First is our values. We have a set of values that rewards bold action and fights bureaucracy. We continually work to eliminate anything that gets in the way of Global Good and Growth.

Second, we create a culture of continual learning. We challenge every employee to get out of their comfort zone. While our company is very decentralized, we provide leadership opportunities to everyone. We hire the best executive coaches. We demand that all of our leaders stretch and grow.

The environment we’ve created attracts leaders who see adversity as opportunity and opportunity as unlimited. Global Growth is not a great place for everyone, but it is the best place for those who want to do Great Global Good. Our meritocratic approach allows those people to rise organically – and it works.

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