Each Global Growth company is tasked to seek out and contribute to social good in order to have a positive humanitarian impact on the world. We believe that companies that make the world a better place are more likely to thrive. We will invest in growth companies that add value globally. We will act always with integrity. Global Growth companies and their affiliates have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to causes and provided many hundreds of man-hours. Here are just a few examples of that effort.

One Million Meals Worldwide

Global Growth companies have committed to providing 1 million meals to areas affected by the global pandemic. We are a truly global company. Our companies operate in more than 20 countries, and our giving program will do the same. So far the meals have gone to nonprofits in the U.S., Europe, India, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and the Ukraine. Global Growth’s strong connections to local communities means that the giving is targeted for optimal impact. Our global footprint allows us to have people who live and work in these communities choose the organizations that can provide the most good.

Together with its partners, Global Growth has helped distribute grocery kits, meals and other food relief aid to vulnerable communities in the Delhi, India area during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the United States, Global Growth has partnered with a variety of partners, in the Raleigh, North Carolina area; in Richmond, Virginia; and in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, to help organize and distribute essential and healthy food supplies to those affected by the pandemic.

In India

Better Eye Care for All with Eye Camps

Global Growth companies have invested in eye care and eye care surgery for underserved populations around the world. Through sponsored free clinics and events, adults and children who would otherwise go without the means to maintain and correct their eyesight, can get proper care and eyeglasses.

Enterprise Growth Accelerator, a Global Growth division sponsors an ongoing series of eye care events in India. These Eye Camps provide eye checkups and surgeries to those who would otherwise not be able to get the eyecare they need.


In Ukraine

COVID-19 Food Drive

During the period from September 15th to 22nd of September, Candor Global LLC provided donations for the residents of Mykolayiv. The goal set by LLC CGS is to carry out charitable events for improving food supply for socially vulnerable people during COVID-19, such as families with many children, disabled people, and others which require special attention.

The company donated over 300 food sets.



In Bulgaria


Antoine Jansen (CEO of Marval Software) and Cees Bos (COO) have been donating a cheque to the Bulgarian Foodbank as a first contribution to kick off our business presence in the country.

In The US

Special Olympics North Carolina Gold Partnership

In 2019, Special Olympics North Carolina officially received recognition as a Healthy Community, a distinction from Special Olympics, Inc. that denotes a year-round focus on advancing the health of people with intellectual disabilities. SONC’s nutrition-focused health programs and resources provide opportunities for athletes to learn about the benefits of healthy eating. Global Growth supports the initiatives of this distinction as a statewide partner through Gold partnership status. Our contribution as a Healthy Communities partner will help to promote nutrition education among SONC athletes, as well as allow for employee engagement opportunities among Global Growth employees within the scope of these health-related efforts.

The Special Olympics North Carolina programs sponsored by Global Growth include athlete fitness challenges, group online fitness classes, custom exercise and healthy eating plans as well as fun sports and fitness events.

Food Bank of the Rockies

Global Growth has also partnered with the Food Bank of the Rockies. The pandemic has hit  Colorado hard. A new study by Hunger Free Colorado shows that more than 1/3 of Coloradans are struggling to provide food for themselves or their families. A Global Growth team recently volunteered for a half-day at their main warehouse in Denver and also delivered a $10,000 donation that will help provide 40,000 nutritious meals for families struggling during the pandemic.

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

With a $10,000 donation, Global Growth kicked off a new partnership with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley in San Carlos, California to help provide 20,000 meals for neighbors in need.

Montgomery Area Food Bank

(November 19, 2020) — Diane Metcalf of Global Growth (R) presents a $10,000 donation to David Fata, Chief Operation Officer, Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB) this morning. In keeping with this philosophy, MAFB, a member of Feeding America®, will be able to provide 54,000 meals to neighbors in need with today’s contribution.


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