Global Growth to Donate 1 Million Meals, Founder Greg Lindberg Says

Global Growth to Donate 1 Million Meals, Founder Greg Lindberg Says

Global Growth companies have provided the first 100,000 meals in their commitment to provide 1 million meals to areas affected by the global pandemic.

“We are a truly global company,” says Bridgett Hurley, the company’s Chief Development Officer. “Our companies operate in more than 20 countries, and our giving program will do the same.” So far the meals have gone to nonprofits in the U.S., Europe, India, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and the Ukraine.

“We focus on programs that can provide the most nutritious meals at a reasonable cost.” Hurley adds. Global Growth’s strong connections to local communities means that the giving is targeted for optimal impact. “Our global footprint allows us to have people who live and work in these communities choose the organizations that can provide the most good.”

“We have provided medical services to tens of thousands of people in developing countries over the past five years,” says Hurley. “Because of the current pandemic we are unable to provide these services to the degree we have in the past, but we still wanted to make an impact.” This program allows Global Growth employees across the world to facilitate the provision of meals to organizations that they know and feel passionate about, she points out. “We are working with 6 programs now and plan to expand the program during the next year.”

Two of the one million meals Global Growth is donating.

“Global Growth continues our mission to create global good,” says Global Growth founder Greg Lindberg. He points out that Global Growth invests in its member companies and their innovations in health care, technology and financial services that make the world healthier and more connected. “Now we are investing in our member companies’ efforts to make their communities healthier and more connected.”  Global Growth companies have also invested in eye care surgery for underserved populations and in research for treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

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