Global Growth Surpasses 1 Million Meals in Worldwide Donations

Global Growth Surpasses 1 Million Meals in Worldwide Donations

After achieving record-setting numbers in 2020, Global Growth celebrated success in the best way they know how – giving back.

One of Global Growth’s strongest philosophies is to grant independence to their business units to ensure success and allow room for growth. The uniting thread among each portfolio is common values. The greatest of all is their commitment to creating Global Good. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Growth set out to donate meals to critically affected areas with an international reach. After meeting their objective of 500,000 meals in mid-2020, they increased their goal and initiated the 1,000,000 Meals Project.

Global Growth surpassed its goal on May 24th, 2021. They provided meals to regions in the United States, India, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and the Philippines. Alongside these donations, other charitable efforts continued, including providing eye care to those without access to health care services.

While the greatest aspect of this achievement is the global reach it has made, positively affecting those in need. A residual effect is an internal motivation this accomplishment creates. Global Growth remains committed to doing more. Each milestone is motivation to commit to greater goals and stronger values.

Read more about Global Growth’s efforts to create good here.

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